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With Victoria Station and Buckingham Palace a few minutes’ walk away, it is hard to beat to this location! Amazing 24-hour transport links to attractions, parties, airports, coaches (to the rest of the UK/Europe), and almost anywhere! Astor Victoria is the dream base in London. The excellent local markets, restaurants, pubs, vintage stores, coffee shops and galleries, all within a 15 minute walk of Big Ben, will make you feel like a true Londoner! This, combined with staff whom love the city and want to share all of their knowledge with you, means there is no better place to stay in Central London!

Please note: VALID government issued ID required to stay with us, and ALL guests must be between 18-40 YEARS. At our amazing hostel you will have full access to:

• Free Fast Wi-Fi throughout the building as well as Free PC Access
• 24-hour reception for anything you may need (including late check-in/early check-out)
• CCTV in operation 24 hours
• Storage lockers for your valuables (laptops, cameras, phones, etc) £2 per day
• Luggage storage available before check-in (free) and after checkout (same day as check-out £2 per bag, per; additional days at £7.50 per bag, per day)
• Laundry facilities available 24-hours.
• Hairdryers and ironing facilities free to use
• All you can eat Breakfast for only £1.00 (All proceeds go to charity)
• Wonderful fully equipped kitchens (large fridges available for food and drinks storage)
• Dining room and common area to enjoy a meal or meet fellow travellers
• Beautiful lounge area with comfy sofas and enormous projector screen for movies and sports! 

The moment you walk through our doors you become part of our family and we want you to have an incredible experience!

We want every detail – from our super clean bathrooms and comfortable pillows to our unforgettable social events - to be perfect, giving you a London adventure that is 10 out of 10!

Property Name: Astor Victoria

Address 1: 71 Belgrave Rd

City : London

Postal Code : SW1V 2BG

Contact Name: José Alvarez

Phone: +442078343077


  • Baggage storage
  • Laundry service
  • Printer
  • Safe deposit boxes at front desk

Check-In / Check-Out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies.

Check-In: 14:00

Check-Out: 10:00

Property and Cancellation Policies :
Reservations may be cancelled free of charge provided theCustomer gives at least 72-Hours notice of the same prior to thecheck-in time for their reservation. Failure to notify the hostel willincur a charge equal to the cost of the first two nights of the reservation andis non-refundable. This is not applicable to Non-Refundable bookings,these cannot be cancelled or amended.

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions described herein, shall apply to the use of the facilities and services provided by Astor Hostels London.

1.1 From here on forth any use of “We”, “Our” and “Us” refers to Astor Hostels and where applicable its owners and parent companies.
1.2 “AstorHostels” will generally refer to the hostel group, but may also refer to one hostel in particular all operated by separate companies under the same group name.
1.4 Whereas “You”, “Your”, “Customer” will refer to you the guest, event organisers, group leader, or any other third-party provider or purchaser.
1.5 "Arrival Date" and “Check-In” means the date at which the customer is due to arrive at the hostel.
1.6 "Booking" refers to the reservation made by the guest with the hostel.
1.7 “Customer” means person who makes the Booking, may also apply to those within the same booking, 
1.8 “Guest” and “Visitor” means the Customer and any third parties they invite to the Hostel in connection with the Booking.
1,9 “Hostel” means the building in which the booking has been made to with Astor Hostels.
1.10 “NonRefundable” is any advance purchase bookings which may not be amended or cancelled.
1.11“stay date”refers to dates in which the guest will be inhouse or the duration of their booking.
1.12“cancellation day/cancellation date”refers to the date a guests requires a cancellation to be made
1.13“Departure”“Check-Out”refers to the date the customer booking concludes and are due to leave the hostel.
1.14“No-Show”refers to a guest not arriving on the arrival date of their booking. 
1.15“OTA”Online Travel Agent for example,,, etc.
1.16Hence forth the term “contract”will apply to the reservation of a room or bed in the hostel for accommodation.This will also cover any additional services or products that the hostel will provide.  

2 HouseRules
(Pleaserefer to our General Terms for full terms and conditions on each of our houserules).
2.1Check-In –Is any time after 2pm! If you arrive early, you can leave your bags in ourluggage room free of charge and head out and explore the amazing neighbourhoodand London’samazing sights . If you’retired from the journey you can kickback in our amazing lounges and enjoy a freetea or coffee while you wait for your room to be available!
2.2ID and Age Restrictions - All guests arerequired to present a valid Passport or photographic government issuedIdentification Cards (this does not include driving licenses, in exemption ofUK citizens). Ourhostels cater for customers aged 18-35, but welcomes guests of all ages, exceptthose under the age of 18 (except for Astor York, please contact the hostel forrules). 
2.3Payment - We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Cash (GBP £5, £10, £20, £50).
2.4Room Key - Your key card is a £5cash deposit which will be returned to you when you return it upon check-out.
2.5Check-Out - Is any time before10am. Just bring down your belongings and your key card, we’lltake care of the rest 😉(Checking out after 10am will incur an additional charge).
2.6Late-Check Out –If you fancy a sleep-in until 12pm (midday) there is an additional charge, seereception for pricing. You must book this the night before and there is alimited number available so book early! (Checking out after 12pm will incur anadditional charge).
2.7Lockers - Are available to storeyour valuables and charge them while you are out and about for 50p per day!(Max 14 nights).
2.8Luggage room - Is £2 per bag untilmidnight on the day of your departure. Any additional days will be charged at£7.50 per bag, per day.
2.9Padlocks, Adaptors, and Towels –Available for sale or hire, ask reception for details.
2.10Smoking - Smoking is notpermitted within the hostels; guests must use dedicated areas provided ifavailable or smoke away from the hostel. (Any guests caught smoking in thehostel will receive a £100 fine and ask to leave with no refunds).
2.11Drugs –Any guest found taking illegal drugs within the building will be ask to leavewith no refunds issued. Depending on the circumstances we may contact thepolice if deemed necessary or required. 
2.12Attitude and Behaviour –Our hostels are a place for a warm happy atmosphere of co-inhabiting. Anyonefound disrespecting other guests’,staff members, neighbours, or behaving in an inappropriate or disruptive mannerwill be ask to leave with no refunds.

3.1The contract will commence when the hostel accepts the customers’request be it phone, email, website, OTA, or other approved source. This willbe confirmed by either confirmation from the hostel or authorised agent with areservation number. Customers will be asked to provide a valid governmentidentification, telephone, email, and valid payment card at time of booking(email and phone bookings can only place short term booking holds depending onavailability as we are unable to process your card payment over these means). Fornon-refundable bookings, we may take the payment immediately, if there areinsufficient funds or the card is not valid we may cancel the booking and thiscontract will not commence. Other bookings types and promotions may require usto take full or partial payment at time of booking.
3.2This contract is between Astor Hostels and you the customer. If the booking isbeing made by a third party both members are responsible for paymentobligations and to abide and make available these and any other relevant termsand commitments.
3.3 It is prohibited to resell, sublet, or pass-on anybooked accommodation. The hostel retains right of ownership over the bed at alltimes. To act as a broker or sales representative to the hostel you mustreceive written approval to do so.  
3.4 Reservations can only be made by people over theage of 18 of legal capacity.
3.5Age Restrictions –We do not accept bookings for persons under the age of 18 (except Astor Yorksee 3.6) unless done so through groupbookings@astorhostels.comgiven special permissions and conditions to do so. Persons over 18 of all otherages are welcome at our hostels, bearing in the mind that the atmosphere isaimed and created for those between the ages of 18 and 35.
3.6Astor York exceptions - Under age guests must always have an adult present. Anyunderage persons who are not travelling with a parent or guardian must bring asigned document by a parent or guarding with a photocopy of an ID matching thechild’sname. Anyone under age must stay in a private dorm with their responsibleadult.
3.7Any adults who arrive with children must be able to prove their directrelationship to the minor. Any arrivals that do not match this criterion willbe reported to the police in accordance with guidelines on child protection andtrafficking laws to ensure a legitimate relationship.
3.8 Bookings cannot be made for a specific room, butfor a specific room type. Photography on marketing materials or user generatedcontent may differ from the exact room. Bookings for exact rooms can only madedirectly through the hostel.
3.9 The hostel reserves the right to cancel thecontract or forbid access to any persons it deems a risk to the well-being,comfort, safety, enjoyment, etc of guests and staff. The management reservesthe right of admission or to evict any person from the building at any time attheir discretion.
3.10 Any booking made for an activity deemed to damagethe reputation or go against the core values of our hostels will becancelled. 
3.11a If the person in charge of making the booking isnot a guest staying at the hostel they may still be responsible for any paymentor fine attributed to the booking. The card on file will be the default cardcharged in the event of any issues. Further claims can be brought in the eventthe card does not work.
3.11b Any damage, fines, or unpaid items payments including,but not limited to Late Check-Out, abandoned belongings, smoking, etc will be chargedto the card on file if payment is not made at the hostel.  
3.12 We have a zero-tolerance policy on any form abuseor prejudice due to a person’s race,sexuality, beliefs, affiliations, etc you will be asked to leave the buildingwith no refunds issues and referred to the police.
3.13 In the event of a booking requiring amendments, weendeavour to grant the specific request or as close as possible dependant onavailability. Prices and services may change depending on the number of days,season, or room type change.
3.14 In the rare event of a problem or issue and yourbooked bed is unavailable, we endeavour to provide you with a like for like orupgrade within our hostel group. In the event this is not possible we willrefund any amount paid and help find alternative accommodation in the localarea.
3.15 Bookings can only be made for groups up to 10people this includes several bookings for the same group of peoples. Anybooking involving 11 people or more must go through our dedicated groupsdepartment to which aseparate set of terms are adopted.  
3.16 The Hostel’s House Rulesmust be obeyed at all times. The contract between the hostel and guest willterminate immediately with no rights to a refund should these rules be brokenat any time. Additional charges may be filed in accordance to the rule broken.
3.17 The booking data, information and its accuracy arethe responsibility of the customer. Upon receiving the booking confirmation,they must check the details, dates, etc are correct, in the event of anyinaccuracies you must contact the hostel by email to make any amendments. Thehostel cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies due to incorrect data.
3.18 Maximum length of stay is 7 nights - Our hostels are registered as backpackersand travellers’hostels, therefore the maximum length of stay permitted is a total of 7 nights in one year. (Exceptions are only made for particular room types and specificcircumstances related to staff). Each individual hostel is not allowed towaiver this under any circumstances.
3.19Booking Amendments –Changes to a booking must be made directly through the hostel or OTA Backofficewhere applicable. Price adjustments for booking alterations will reflect thetotal for the booking of price per bed, per night. This excludes any prepaiddeposits (except when booked Direct). It is at the hostels discretion if itincludes any prepayment as a discounts or balance transfer towards the newbooking. In the event of a date reduction any prepayment through an externalonline travel agent (OTA) will diminish automatically with the reduction as apercentage of the overall price. A processing fee of 20% may be applied forbooking amendments.    
3.20If arriving at the hostel at a later date than anticipated, you must contactthe hostel beforehand as your booking will be treated as a No-Show and thebooking will be cancelled.
3.21 Guests who require equipment to sleep thatproduces sound like ventilators or sleep audio guides may be used in thehostel, but only in private rooms not dorms. 
3.22Guests cannot make a booking if visibly under the influence of drugs oralcohol.  

4.1Payment taken can be done by Visa, Master Card, or Cash depending on bookingsource and booking type.
4.2Cash payments must be made in Great British Pounds we do not acceptdenominations higher than £50 (we accept 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2, £5,£10, £20, £50) 
4.3Bookings made through an OTA on the same day as arrival must be paid by Credit Card,we cannot accept cash payment for these bookings.

5Bookings made OnlineThefollowing may apply to any booking - source, type, and time of year willdetermine which will apply.
5.1Bookings may be charged in full in order to confirm a reservation prior toarrival. These will be eligible for refunds in-line with our refunds policy below(see section 8).
5.2Your card may be pre-authorised without prior approval in order to ensure theyhave sufficient funds in event of a No-Show.
5.3The value of the booking may be charged 72 hours prior to arrival to ensurefunds are available and avoid No-Shows. 
5.4aNon-refundable bookings will be charged at some point between the moment it isbooked and arrival through a payment gateway. (For privacy policy on ourpayment gateway please visit
5.4bInvoices will be sent when a payment has failed or requires attention, thesewill be generated through a payment gateway to be paid by credit card failureto pay the invoice within 48 hours will result in the booking being cancelled.
5.5All card issuer costs and fees are to be paid for by the guest including exchangerate and international transaction fees. The hostel is unable to show anyhidden charges or fees charged by your card provider and will only charge youthe net amount pre-agreed in GBP any additional costs are from third partyproviders (see or for further information on cardcharges). 
5.6If the value of a booking is greater than £750 a £375 deposit will be takenwhich is Non-Refundable in the event of a No-Show.
5.7External Contracts and Partners –The hostel provides you with many services from several selected partners. Wecarefully choose these and aim to provide you with the best product for the mostaffordable price. We do not accept any liability for any issues whileundertaking their activities like a tour, trip, meal, etc.  
5.8 SpecialRequests – We will endeavour tohonour any special requests made directly through our website or other OTA’sincluding providing a whole dorm as private, a lower or top bunk, bed near window,etc. However, these cannot be guaranteed and are subject to availability and nospecial concession or discounts will be applied when these cannot be fulfilled.

6 Cancellations
6.1Flexi-Bookings –These can be cancelled up until 72 hours before arrival free of charge. Guestsmust send a request to cancel in writing via the hostels email. Anything within72 hours of arrival will incur the payment of the first two nights in full,excluding deposits or payments made through OTA’sunless the payment is greater than this value.
6.2If the value of a booking is greater than £750, a charge of £375 will be chargeif it has not been done so as a deposit already.
6.3Non-Refundable Bookings –These bookings are charged in full the moment they are made or thereafterbefore arrival and cannot be cancelled for a refund or ammended. If cancellingthrough an OTA like Booking or Expedia you may want to cancel directly throughtheir back office to try and claim back any commission as the hostel is unableto process this. (The discount applied to the base rate forfeits the rights todemand for compensation in the event of amendments or cancelations regardlessof the situation).
6.4Force Majeure –In the event of a cancellation out of our or the guests control like borderclosures, war, pandemics, etc. The cancelation terms above 6.1, 6.2, or 6.3continue to apply, the hostel may issue a credit for the dates booked for afuture date at their discretion. The hostel continues to have fiscalresponsibilities including but not limited to staff wages and welfare, rent,insurance, bills, etc and for this reason cannot issue large numbers of refundsat once. The hostel will take into account the specifics of the situation andcome to a conclusion on what is deemed an appropriate response. The defaultstance is the cancellation conditions remain the same.
6.5AirBnb –AirBnb cancellations conditions are those agreed upon at the time of booking,please check AirBnb terms when booked on confirmation email.
6.6Early Departures –After the Check-In date, guests cannot reduce the number of nights on theirbooking, any night reduction is not eligible to a refund.
6.7Once a guest has checked-out and returned their room key the remainder ofnights of the booking will be cancelled and resold. These beds cannot be keptfor the guest unless prearranged.6.8 Dynamic pricing - We use dynamicpricing, also referred to as demand pricing or time-based pricing. Our beds, products,or service based on current market demands and will change and adapt accordingto these conditions. We change prices based on competitor pricing, supply anddemand, online reputation and other external factors in the market. The priceagreed between guest and hostel at time of booking is the price that will beused to initiate the contract.
6.9Visa confirmations –In order to provide a proof of address for visa requests, we require thebooking payment to be complete. If the guest requires further proof the hostelmay charge an administration fee.

7No Show
7.1No-Show on FlexibleBookings –Flexible bookings will be charged the full value of the first two nights as aNo-Show this is excluding any deposits and payments made through OTA’s.
7.2No-Show on Non-Refundable bookings –The price of the whole booking will be charged if it remains unpaid.

8.1Guests’will only be entitled to refunds for booking amendments and cancelations onflexible bookings or those that specifically iterate that this is possible andif complying with other associated terms.
8.2In the event the hostel is unable to provide the accommodation for aNon-Refundable booking. Refunds must be claimed within 90 days of the dispute.The hostel has a 120 day window in which to process the refund back to guestsfrom day of cancellation.
8.3All refunds will be made to the encrypted card on file or a physical cardpresented at reception. We are unable to accept card numbers over phone oremail. The hostel will only issue the amount required in GBP any losses due tocharges, fees, or currency exchange cost are out of the hostels control andmust be paid for by the guest.
8.4For group bookings refunds see group booking terms.  

9Arrival and Departure
9.1Guests may arrive atany time after 10am on the day of arrival. Check-in is at any time after 2pmuntil 8am of the day of departure. You may leave your belongings in our luggagefree of charge until Check-In.
9.2Identification Card – Avalid photographic identity card must be presented at Check-In, this can be apassport or government issued ID (Driving licenses are only valid for UKcitizens). Only the information required will be taken from these and stored inour encrypted system.  
9.3 Room Key - Key cardsand codes are to be kept safe to ensure the security and safety of all of ourguests. You are responsible for your key card from the moment it is given toyou until it is returned. If your key is lost you will surrender your £5deposit and will be required to pay a new deposit for the next key. Whereapplicable, you must maintain your token or voucher with you in order to claimback your deposit.
9.4Check-Out –Guests must check-out of the hostel by 10am on the day of departure. Thisincludes the removal of all belongings from the room. Checking Out after 10amwill incur the charge of £20 per person to the credit card on file. In theevent any belongings are left after 10am on day of departure the hostel has theright to remove them and place them in the luggage room (associated costs willapply, see luggage room terms 10.1). If items or belongings are left locked,the hostel has the right to remove the items by any means necessary, even if itinvolves damaging the guests’property to do so by for example cutting a lock, removing webbing, dismantlingitems, etc…
9.5Late-Check-Out –Guests can pay an additional fee to Check-Out at 12pm (midday) guest mustfollow the Check-Out procedure as mentioned above. Guest who do not Check-Outby midday will incur an additional charge of £20 per person to the credit cardon file.

10.1Luggage Room –The luggage room is not a secure storage facility. It is accessible by allother guests and visitors using the luggage room. We assume no responsibilityfor any items stored inside the luggage room. All items left inside are done soat your own risk, we will not offer any compensation for lost, stolen ordamaged bags, items, belongings, etc regardless if payment was or was not madefor the service.
10.2Any bags left longer than two weeks after date of departure without prior arrangementwith the hostel will be considered abandoned and given to a local charity shop.
10.3Lockers –Items left inside the lockers are done so at your own risk, they are notsecurity lockers, but storage lockers. Astor Hostels will assume noresponsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged items while in the lockersregardless if payment was taken or not. Any items left in the lockers forlonger than one week after departure date without prior agreement will be consideredabandoned and given to a local charity shop.
10.3aThe hostel will assume no liability in the event personal electronics aredamaged while using our equipment. The hostel will thrive to maintain these inideal working conditions, but the nature of sharing this equipment may resultin it being faulty or damaged. This includes personal accident or injuryresulting from use of these lockers.
10.3bYou will be liable for any expense related to the hostels not being able to usethe locker, be it damage to the lock, hasp and staple, casing, or electrics.
10.4Padlocks –Padlocks are available to rent or purchase from the hostel. It is the guest’sresponsibility to ensure the padlock is in full working condition when rentingor purchasing it any issues must be highlighted immediately. The hostel cannotbe held responsible for any issues or faults arising during the padlock’srental.
10.5Adaptors –Adaptors are available to rent or purchase from the hostel. It is the guest’sresponsibility to ensure the adaptor is in full working condition when rentingor purchasing it, any issues must be highlighted immediately. The hostel cannotbe held responsible for any issues, faults, or damage arising during theadaptor rental.
10.6Towels –Towels are available for hire from the hostel for a £5 deposit, £2.50 charge.When you return the towel you will be given £2.50 back.
10.7Underbed storage cages and boxes –These are provided for storage which can be locked for additional safety. Theseare not secure storage facilities and the hostel assumes no responsibility forany items damaged, lost, or stolen regardless of the situation, even when atfault. They are a free amenity supplied for your comfort and use at your ownrisk.
10.8Wake up calls –Astor hostels does not offer wake up calls to its guests as a service, it isdone at the discretion of whoever is working on shift. We assume noresponsibility in the eventuality a wake-up call is missed and the consequencesattached to this.
10.9 Room allocation - When booking for more than oneperson we will always attempt to keep guests together in the same room.Unfortunately, there are occasions when this is not possible and guests in thesame booking will stay in separate rooms.  
10.10 Laundry Room –Guests may clean their own clothes using our washer and dryers. Please ensure youuse the machines appropriately do not over load them and ensure all lint iscleaned before and after use. The hostel cannot assume any fault for damage orlost items as a result of using these machines.
11 Parcels, tickets, and general deliveries
11.1a Guests may have correspondence and goods deliveredto the hostel providing the contents are lawful and not being used to defraud,assuming ownership, registering of company, or similar.
11.1b We are happy to accept anything you send to thehostel and will take great care to protect it until you pick it up, but acceptno liability for loss, theft, damage, or signing for wrong item, etc. Any itemsleft for longer than one week after delivery will be placed in storage at thecost of £2.50 a day for small items £5 for large times for the maximum of twoweeks after departure date.

12 Food and Beverage

12.1 Food and beverage is not included in the bookingunless in conjuncture with a special offer or agreed upon with the hostel inwriting beforehand.
12.2a Guests may consume their own alcoholic beverageswithin the hostel in designated social areas with the exception of Astor York,all alcoholic beverages must be purchased from the Bar. In the interest of agood night’s sleep forother guests it is forbidden to drink alcohol in the rooms.
12.2b Guests must adhere to all regular hostel ruleswhile under the influence of alcohol. Anyone found to be too intoxicated, maybe  asked to leave common areas or thehostel if acting inappropriately, offensively, or generally deemed to beworsening fellow guests’experiences.
12.2c It is illegal to consume, distribute, or receiveany illegal substances within the hostel.
12.3 Food and beverages are not permitted within theroom, except for a bottle of still or sparkling water. Any other items found inthe room will be brought down to the kitchen at which point the hostel assumesno responsibility for them.
12.4 Astor York Bar – Alcoholic beverages are to be consumed andpurchased by guests and visitors aged 18 years old and older.
12.5 Guests may bring, store, and cook their own foodin our kitchens. All food must be labelled with departure date, name, and roomnumber. Fridges are cleared three times a week any food in our fridges that arenot labelled or are deemed a health hazard will be thrown away. In the case ofnon-perishables any food without a label will be placed on the  free food shelf.
12.6 Astor Hostels cannot be held responsible forguests’ food ordrinks’, they areleft in our fridges and storage areas at their own risk.
12.7 Our kitchens and dining areas may be used by ourguests during the hours stipulated in each building, they may be closed forcleaning, or maintenance when required.
12.8a Charity Breakfast – The cost of our breakfast is £1 per day, perperson. 100% of the proceeds from the breakfast go directly to the charity ofthe moment. (All of our charities are carefully chosen and vetted to ensurethey provide the service they claim to provide and ethically motivated to spendas much money as possible directly into the charity).
12.8b There may be active or traces of the following inour regular breakfast or in seasonal breakfasts - celery, wheat, such as speltand khorashan, rye, barley, oats, crustaceans, eggs, fish, lupin, milk,mustard, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, soybeans, sulphur dioxide andsulphites. We will attempt to display all relevant information, but as oursuppliers may offer variations in our products please ask a member of staff tosee packaging or ingredients list if you have any of these allergens.
12.9 Daily events, meals, or activities are subject to season,popularity, and occupancy. The events are hosted by our staff as a form ofentertainment unaffiliated with the hostel. Guests join in at their own willand undertake any activity done at their own risk. The hostel staff, long termguests, visitors, third party vendors, partners, etc will try their absolutehardest to ensure the safety and security of these event, but cannot be heldresponsible for any injury, accident, damage of belongings, or even deathduring these events,
12.9a Photography and video during hostel events – During hostel events there may be photographic orvideo content being taken or filmed to be used for marketing, social media, orgeneral advertising and promotional material. If you wish to be omitted orblurred from this content contact our marketing department at and we’ll ensure you are not featured. We will use onlyuse this content for the purposes listed above and will not sell or distributethe content to be used for any other purpose.
12.10 Data submitted by you –We welcome and appreciate your input on any of our social channels or thirdparty company’s pages. However, if anyof the content is deemed inappropriate, inaccurate, misleading, or false we willhave this content removed.  

13 Hostel Common Areas
13.1 The facilities in the hostels are used by largevolumes of people each day, we will endeavour to ensure all furniture,appliances, and surfaces are in good working condition and perform regularsafety inspection checks to ensure they are fully functional. However, due tothe nature of the hostels and their regular use it is the guest’s responsibility to ensure all furniture,appliances and surfaces are safe to use before doing so and must report anyfault or damage to reception. The hostel cannot be held liable for anyaccident, injury, death, or equipment damage arising from the use of ourfacilities. 
13.2 Guests are not to leave their luggage or personal belongingsunattended in the hostel’s commonareas at any time. Guests are entirely responsible for their belongings at alltimes during their stay; particularly valuables like computing, photographic,design equipment, jewellery, and other such valuable items. The hostel acceptsno liability to loss or damage items in any circumstance including flooding,power surcharging, equipment failure, etc.
13.3 If a guest has reported an item lost or stolen andthe hostel finds it, we will do everything in our power to return the item atthe guests expense. We cannot be held responsible for the loss, damage, orfunctionality of the item during this process.
13.4a Car Park- Astor hostels London have no carparking. Street parking is operated by the local council please contact eachhostel individually for more information on parking.
13.4b Any cars, coaches, bicycles, etc parked in the carpark in Astor York are done so at your own risk be it for a fee or for free. Wedo not assume any responsibility for theft, damage, vandalism, etc done to thevehicle, accessories or items within it. We do not provide surveillance at anyhour of the day although CCTV is in operation 24 hours which covers most of theparking area. 
13.5 Bookings made with Astor Hostels only include theprice of the bed for the available number of nights agreed upon. Common areasand kitchens are an additional facility not included in the price, if they areclosed for maintenance or private functions, guests are not entitled to anycompensation.
14Atmosphere, Behaviour and General Rules
14.1We want everyone who arrives at our hostels to have an enjoyable, fun, andabove all safe experience when staying with us. Any guests found to be breakingany of the hostel’srules will be asked to leave with no refunds issued for the remainder of theirstay.  
14.2Any guest or guests who are deemed to be behaving inappropriately, disturbingother guests, or are in anyway disrespecting another person, breaking the law,or acting in a way that is unconducive to the welfare and safety of others willbe asked to leave the hostel immediately.
14,3Our neighbours are part of our community; we want everyone including our fellowguests and neighbours to have a good night sleep! Do not sit in the steps infront of the hostel and please keep noise to a minimum while outside at allhours. Refusal to do so may result in being ask to leave the hostel.
14.4Anyone found disrespecting our neighbours or anyone in our community will beasked to leave immediately regardless of the situation. Any problems or issuesmust be solved through reception or the local authorities.   
14.5Damage –Any guest caught damaging the building or items within it deliberately orthrough deliberate negligence will be ask to leave the hostel. The hostel hasthe right to charge any guest or guests for damage done to the building and forthe replacement of damaged items at a rate determined by the hostel (receiptswill be provided for replacement items). This includes heavily soiledmattresses, duvets, and pillows.
14.6Items taken from the hostel –If a guest is found to have removed any items from the hostel they will becharged at the cost to replace, a restocking fee, and any maintenance costassociated. 
14.7Damage deposits –The hostel may ask for a damage deposit from groups of guests when it deemsthis reasonable including football games, races, stag and hen parties, or anysuch activities. If no damage is done the deposit will be returned at point ofdeparture.
14.8Electrical Appliances - Only small personal electrical appliances may be usedinside the rooms and common areas like laptops, cameras, mobile phones, etc. Biggerappliances or equipment that may overload our fuse boards or be a fire hazardare not permitted like extension cords, portable cooking equipment, gamingequipment and tvs, etc.
14.9The hostel team may remove any belongings that it deems dangerous, offensive,or inappropriate. These will be kept at reception until the guests claims themand a decision will be made on where they are to be kept depending on eachitem.
14.10aSmoking –Smoking inside our premises endangers the lives of guests and others, and isalso against the law. Therefore, anyone caught smoking will be asked to leavethe premises and fined £100, if unable to pay the fine, or the fine is notpaid, the card on file for the booking will be charged.
14.10bIn the event that fire detection equipment is tampered with, the hostel has tocall their fire protection company to check on the equipment is not damaged forwhich the guests will be charged £350. If any of the equipment is damaged theguest will incur the cost to replace these with the cost of a detector beingupwards of £100 + installation.
14.11Any guests found in forbidden areas or opening Fire Exit doors when there is nofire will be asked to leave. Any guests found on top floor fire exits androutes will be fined £50 per person to reactivate security latches. 
14.12Odour and general hygiene –Our guest’scomfort is of paramount importance to us. If a complaint is made about a guestor their belonging’s odourrelating to hygiene or general unpleasant odours, the hostel has the right toask the guest to take the relevant measures to solve the issue. If the guestsrefuses to do so, the hostel has the right to ask the guest to leave.
14.13 The number of guests per bed or room must notexceed those permitted by the booking for example, a Twin Room caters for twopeople, or a four-bed private caters for a maximum of four people. Guests arenot permitted to have more guests in the room at any time unless specificallyagreed first by the hostel in writing. The whole group will be asked to leavewithout refunds.

 15 Oversights &Errors

15.1 Any omissions or errors in sales literature, on, third party websites, order forms,quotations, price lists, order acknowledgements, dispatch notes, invoices orother documents issued by us may be corrected by us without liability. We willadvise you of any changes at the time of booking or as soon as is reasonablypossible thereafter. 

16 Disabled Customers

16.1 The Hostel fully complies with all laws relating to the treatmentof and provision for disabled Customers.
16.2 Customers with any special requirements pertainingto a disability should inform the Hostel of the same prior to their arrival.
16.3 Please be aware, there are no lifts at any of thehostels, so those with a severe disability should consider this when making areservation.
16.4 No animals are allowed in the hostel with theexception of assistance animal. If you have an assistance animal and would liketo book to stay with us, in order for us to deal with your request effectively,please e-mail for availability and prices. Animals cannotbe in shared dormitories and must stay in private rooms.

17 Special Offers
17.1 All offers or promotional packets areNon-Refundable unless otherwise specified. Any specific terms and conditionsattached to these bookings override any conflict with the general terms andconditions. Offers are subject to availability and other restrictions.
17.2 Special offers are only available to bookings upto seven days and for groups smaller than ten. Any groups found making multiplereservations in order to avoid this restriction will have their contractcancelled. Please see in order tomake bookings of 12+ for rates and terms applicable.
17.3 Offers cannot be used in conjuncture with eachother or used with a pre-discounted rate.
17.4 Special offers differ by location, when making abooking using a special offer please ensure you are booking for the correctlocation.
17.5 Discount codes can only be used one time per guestas an introductory offer with the exemption of the Astor Hostels LoyaltyProgram which can be used as many times as you wish!

17.6 Current Special offers

17.6aRisk Free bookingWe want to ensure you have more flexibility toamend your travel plans, so we have created a 'Risk-Free' booking option. You will be able to change your booking dates asmany times as you want. In case of cancellation, 100% of the payment will berefunded. Refunds will be processed fifty-six days after the cancellationdate.  

Choosing the Risk-free Booking option enables youto cancel/change dates and rebook on as many times as youlike (for a period of 12 months), giving you the freedom to change your plansas you travel, without losing any of your cash. If you choose the Risk-freeBooking option when making your booking, you will be charged in full. If youlater decide to cancel your booking, you will be refunded 100% of your payment(provided you have given the period of notice required by the travel servicesprovider, for which please see its Terms and Conditions). Refunds will beprocessed fifty-six days after the cancellation date. The payment will berefunded, either via bank transfer or to the bank card the payment was madewith (depending on your original payment method).
The following terms and conditions apply:
1. Cancellations must be made within thecancellation period set by the travel services provider.
2. Cancellations are only valid if processed byemail
4. Refunds will only be made available for fullbooking cancellations and not partial cancellations.
5. Refunds will be applied only to you. You will beidentified by the email address used to process your initial booking. Refundscannot be applied to a booking made using a different email address.
6. Refunds are only valid for bookings made onlineat
7. To cancel, please contact the hostel where youmade your booking initially and quote your reservation number.
You can use thislink to contact any of our hostels 

18 Delay or Failure to Perform
18.1 In the event we are unable to provide you with thebooking requested it is your responsibility to have an up to date email orcontact number for us to contact to inform you of any issues or cancellationswith your booking.

19 A Limitation of Liability
19.1 To the fullest extent permissible by law, the Hostel’s liability for any loss or damage suffered byCustomers shall be limited to that which arises out of the negligence of theHostel’s employees,subcontractors or agents.
19.2 Notwithstanding sub-Clause 19.1 below, the Hostelshall not be liable for any indirect loss or damage which may be suffered by aCustomer including, but not limited to, loss of income, loss of business, lossof profits, loss of opportunity, loss of anticipated savings, loss of data orloss of enjoyment.
19.3 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions purports tolimit or exclude the Hostel’s liabilityfor: 19.3a death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the Hostel, itsemployees, subcontractors or agents; 19.3b fraud or fraudulentmisrepresentation; or 19.3c any other matter for which it would be illegal forthe Hostel to limit or exclude its liability.
19.4 The hostel cannot be held liable for any loss ofproperty due to negligence of the guest. Security is of paramount importance,and guests must take full responsibility for their personal belongings andvaluables.

20 General
20.1 The Customer’s rights asa consumer under consumer protection legislation from time to time in forceshall not be affected by these Terms and Conditions.
The Hostel may, from time to time, change these Terms and Conditions withoutnotice, however it will use its reasonable endeavours to inform Customers assoon as is reasonably possible of any such changes.

21 Data Protection
21.1 The Hostel will not share Customers’ personal data with any third parties for anyreasons without the prior consent of the Customer concerned. Such data willonly be collected, processed and held in accordance with the Hostel’s rights and obligations arising under theprovisions and principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. By posting pictures,or any other posts on social media platforms, including but not limited to,Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest, you agree to allow AstorHostels to use that material to promote the Astor Brand.

22 No Waiver
22.1 No failure by the Hostel to enforce any provisionin these Terms and Conditions shall constitute a waiver of the right tosubsequently enforce that provision or any other provision of these Terms andConditions. Such failure shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any preceding orsubsequent breach and shall not constitute a continuing waiver.

23 Severance
23.1 If any provision of these Terms and Conditions isheld by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or inpart the validity of the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions and theremainder of the provision in question shall not be affected.

24 Law and Jurisdiction and Place of Performance
24.1 These Terms and Conditions (including anynon-contractual matters and obligations arising therefrom or associatedtherewith) shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws ofEngland and Wales.
Any dispute, controversy, proceedings or claim between the Parties relating tothese Terms and Conditions (including any non-contractual matters andobligations arising therefrom or associated therewith) shall fall within thejurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
The Terms and Conditions described herein, shall apply to the use of thefacilities and services provided by Astor Hostels London.

25 Errors and OmissionsAny omission or error in sales literature, webpages/sites, order form, quotation, price list, order acknowledgement, dispatchnote, invoice or other documents issued by us may be corrected by us withoutliability. We will advise you of any changes at the time of booking or as soonas is reasonably possible thereafter.

26CHANGING TERMS & CONDITIONS Astor Hostels retains the right to change theseterms and conditions at any time without having to consult or inform the guestof the changes. Guests are unable to amend to change any of these terms andconditions. If individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditionsshould be or become void or unenforceable, this shall have no bearing on thevalidity of the remaining provisions. The statutory provisions shall apply inall other respects.  

27INFORMATION AND PRIVACY Forall other privacy term please see privacy policy at

28 Supplier's Code of ConductAt Astor Hostels we believe that travel brings thepeople of the world together as one. It is a huge privilege to be able toexplore the world and experience different cultures, cuisines, and everythingin-between. However, none of these should be done at the expense of a fellowhuman being’s happinessor livelihood and should impact our planet the least amount possible aiming forneutral or negative emissions.We vet our suppliers to ensure they are workingethically and do not support corruption, child labour, follow environmentalguidelines, protect their workers human rights, do not discriminate and treatthem with dignity and respect. And above all their operations are legal andtransparent.

29 Ownership of Terms and ConditionsThese terms and conditions are property of AstorHostels any attempt to copy, use, or reproduce them with any variations shouldbe done so with the explicit consent from their author.

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